1000+ Free Adobe XD material icon design in 2020


Adobe XD is a popular UI/UX designer Software, but still, there are no platforms there are a lot of xd format resource icons available.

You can use the file there are 1000 of icon resources available for xd design. Easy to edit and customizable all icons you can use easily for your project. Also, it will help you to save your time. Most of the useable icons are covered in this file.

Normally, a designer download .svg icons and extracts files then drag & drop the icon file into adobe XD that is not very practical.

1000+ Free Adobe XD material icon design in 2020

How to help This Material icons file? 

We have collected all icons from google open source amazing Material icons. All are free and open-source to use also free to distribute. That’s why we just collect all of the icons then grouped and save the .xd file format. So that adobe xd design can be used easily just they will open Adobe XD file to ungroup all icons than can copy and post easily in XD.

We have these icons that will be useful for Adobe XD user UI/UX design to design easily and shortly without finding icons online. 

In any case, full credit for these icons goes to Google. Please visit this page for more information about it. 

Leave your comment about the icons if you think the post and material design icon can help your design.

Adobe XD material icon


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