What is big-ecommerce ?


Ecommerce is a marketing platform bigCommerce is a kind of online store maker that has the capacity to manage thousands of online stores in more than one and a half hundred countries.

This is Nana to allow you to do things yourself, including adding products, processing orders, creating discount coupons, uploading photos, creating pages, and more. You can also design your store with it using drag and drop panels. There are various benefits that increase you clients conversions for sale 

Founded in 2009, the company has two plans for small to medium-sized businesses and two plans for large or high-end businesses.

The industry serves many other big and small businesses including such as  health products, jewelry fashion, electronics, gifts,  and others etc.

Bigcommerce is big company platform it has a public technology company provide SaaS platform 

The company was founded 2009 with 700+ employees, the company headquarter in Austin, the company features included customer group and with SEO, Web hosting, Segmentation etc.

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