Angular Bootstrap Admin Dashboard template Customizable


Hello Guys ! We created this template clean design and clean code. If you looking this template this template use perfect combination, plugins and modules. This template is latest version looking beautiful. This template is a ideal template it’s

Looking beautiful with all size such as mobile, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Monitor and tablets. It’s looking with all responsive layout ( Monitor, mobile, laptop, iPhone and with all smart phone)

Why Choose this template?

  • Clean design
  • Use Bootstrap 3.3
  • Built with Angular JS
  • Material design
  • Use animations

Material admin template is a fully responsive dashboard bootstrap template. It is modern web technology useable template. It’s very easy to customizable is basically designed for the any developer customize it.

We use Bootstrap 3.3 is very easy to understand which standard for front-end developers.

Update Note: Version 1.1.4

  • Update bower
  • Node dependencies
  • Update to Angular JS 1.5.5
  • Added config for building your own HTML assets

We created premium responsive  admin dashboard  with unique latest version template suit all admin panel template. The admin template fully customer support. The admin dashboard template work type of device all browsers such as computer, mobile, tablats and all smart phone device.

The admin template suitable all business website or personal website such as crypto.  If you use this admin template of your website you easily maintaining your website. The template looking is very beautiful. We have written css in sass get way of organizing code in a template.

Update Note: Version 1.1.3

  • Update to Angular JS 1.4.8
  • Update Readme
  • Update bower
  • Add webserver for Development

Update Note: Version 1.1.2 and 1.1.1

  • Fixed  btn primary not change theme colors.
  • Replaced grunt contrib. sass with grunt sass.

Feature of the admin template

  • Beautiful look
  • C3 styled charts
  • CSS3 animation (custom)
  • Theme pick
  • Great menu bar
  • Mobile feature
  • CRUD angular APP
  • 100 % Unique design
  • Google maps
  • Chatrs
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • UI Element
  • Google font and awesome font
  • Manager page ( USER)

Creadits of admin dashboard templates

  1. Angular JS
  2. Angular animate
  3. Angular File Upload
  4. CSS animations
  5. Bootstrap
  6. JQuery
  7. Roboto Font
  8. C3-chart
  9. Awesome Icon

Download Here

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